I’ve been preparing today for a call I’m hosting for my team tonight. And #spoileralert - one of the topics I’m going to talk about is “creating from a place of JOY”.

Cuz I feel it’s important for my team to know they get to find JOY in their life NOW, and create & build their business from THAT place. NOT create and build their business from a place of misery SEEKING joy.  

You may think it doesn’t make a difference, but I do.  

In business, in health, in EVERYTHING. & I learned that principle when I moved into this house.  

[ Stick with me here, I’m coming around to my point.  ;) ]


You see, I’ve been asked several times before - “Is your home always this neat & tidy?”  

For the most part, YES.  

And I wouldn’t say it’s because I’ve ALWAYS been that way and simply lack slob genes.  

BUT - the fact is - when you love something, you take care of it.  

Guys, I have never in my life lived in a home like the one we are in now. We’ve been here for a year and a half now, and the gratitude hasn’t worn off one bit. 🙏🏼 To ME - this home is so beautiful and I feel SO incredibly grateful to be living here. So much so, that I find myself keeping this house SO MUCH CLEANER and TIDIER than ANY other home we have lived in.  

• I clean a little bit everyday, out of gratitude and appreciation to live here.  
• I keep things tidy and orderly, out of gratitude and appreciation for this home.  

And you know what? I do the same with my body.  

For a long time I sought to pull from a source of HATE for my body. Assuming if I self-shamed enough, I would be motivated to eat clean and actually work out. But that never lasted.  

& one day, after giving birth to Phoebe, it hit me - I am STRONG. & I’m GRATEFUL for my strong body. 

So instead of shaming my body, I literally prayed in gratitude for my body as I went running. & what do you know, I stuck with it.  

My transformation....



• I workout everyday, out of gratitude and appreciation for my body.  
• I eat clean foods and take supplements, out of gratitude and appreciation for my body.  


For awhile there, I thought in order to set goals and be driven in business, I had to pull from a place of PAIN. I had to be MISERABLE with my life and want something DIFFERENT.  

I taught that, I promoted that, and you know what? I was wrong.  

Now I know…. I don’t need to find DRIVE by tapping into misery. Quite the contrary.  

I’m ridiculously happy with my life right now and yet I’m setting goals and creating and moving FORWARD from a place of JOY.  

• I show up everyday in my challenge groups and for my team, out of appreciation and gratitude.
• I build this business as a way to GIVE BACK and CONTRIBUTE, out of appreciation and gratitude.

Creating from a place of JOY. If it works for fitness motivation and motivation to keep your house clean, it can work for business motivation TOO. Really, I think it can apply to EVERYTHING.