Social media can be a tricky thing. You see a before and after photo like this and it's SUPER easy to assume the journey was quick and easy and picture perfect.  

WELL, rarely is that the truth.  

Lisa M lost 43 lbs and has kept it off for years. And I think her mindset made a difference.  



She says.....

"Avoid the comparison trap. Social media makes it easy to see what everyone else’s highlight reel looks like, but it rarely encompasses the day-to-day struggles of improving your health or being a mom. Focus on following body-positive moms who aren’t afraid to get real."

It's a journey, that's for sure! That's why even 5 years later, I love the online accountability groups. Knowing I'm IN THIS with a fit tribe makes all the difference.  <3

💪🏼 Fitness programs that work
🍎 Good nutrition
& accountability & support 👯
Not to mention that money back guarantee if you DON'T get your results you want 🙀👏🏼

I don't see many other things that offer all that.  ;)


And really, this is how I got started myself!  



It’s crazy to think how this little thing called social media has influenced my health.  

I saw one random post from a stranger. I stalked this stranger for over four months 😂, drawn in by transformation photos and consistent workout check ins.  

& from that, hope was born, BELIEF, that I too could transform my life and lose weight.  

& I did.  🙌🏼

Thru social media I then connected with other fit friends.  💃🏼 Formed a Fit Tribe Community where I’m able to stay accountable & connected to ladies all across the country who are fitting in THEIR fitness everyday, too.  

Social Media can be lame sometimes. I won’t deny that. Lol. BUT I’m pretty dang grateful for it too.  🙏🏻 I don’t feel I would have STARTED, or STAYED, on this journey without it.  📲👯‍♀️

Please know this girl, if YOU’VE been watching and wanting to jumpstart a fitness program, let’s chat. Don’t stalk for four months 😂. Four months from now you could have HEALTHY HABITS in place! There are several options I can share with you, even free options. There’s no need to go about this alone.  🙅🏼‍♀️