Did I live?
Did I love?
Did I learn?
Did I leave a legacy?

I’m just getting off a call with the Vice President of Beachbody, Jeff Hill, and I’m pondering those questions. 

Questions I’ll likely ask myself at the end of my life, but since I’m feeling introspective today I’ll ask myself those questions now. 

And my reply is an enthusiastic YES!! 

 Did I love, learn, live, leave a legacy?

And so much of that is a credit to this career I started from my kitchen table.  #whowouldhavethought

My world has been expanded in such a big way thanks to this community.  So many experiences and and memories I’ve had over the past 5 years!! 

I get to work with people I LOVE. The friendships I’ve made I cherish!

I’m constantly learning because of the goals I set in this business.  Growth opportunities galore! 

And I DO feel I’m leaving a legacy I can be PROUD of. 

 You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.
 Live, Love, Laugh, Leave a Legacy.

All things I couldn’t say just a few years ago. NO MORE SLEEP WALKING THRU LIFE!!!! No merely existing, or simply surviving.

I want to ….


So I think I’ll do just that.  ❤ And if you want to as well - well, I got your back sister. Do something MEANINGFUL with that time the kids are in school! New membership opportunity starting soon if you’d like to build a business at home! Message me for details!