“What would you do if money wasn’t an influencing factor?”

I think that’s a pretty HEALTHY question to ask yourself, even when {ESPECIALLY WHEN} you’re making good money. 

I’ve asked myself that very question many times over the years. 

But I don’t think I really let that question SINK IN like I have the last year.  🤔

The truth is- money doesn’t motivate me right now. Maybe because I don’t see a need we can’t fulfill due to lack of money. 

So I’ve asked myself - “is this what I still want to do? Money aside, is this what I choose NOW? If we could invest what we have and just live off the interest, would I continue coaching??”

The answer is …

Yes. Absolutely YES.  🙌🏼


I feel it’s my DUTY in this life to operate at the HIGHEST ENERGETIC level possible. I can’t do that without setting big hairy audacious goals that FORCE me out of comfort zones. I feel I have an OBLIGATION to SERVE. To DO something with my day that leaves a mark. 

Be the Energy you want to Attract

I feel a DEEP DRIVE to build this business because I feel it’s THE MOST POWERFUL AVENUE I have EVER seen to IMPACT people’s lives in a meaningful way. 

I see other network marketing businesses that are transactional. Buy a product and I’ll send you on your way. MORE POWER TO THEM, if that’s what brings them joy. 

But for ME ……to be a PART of someone’s transformation - that brings me joy. Running fitness groups like the one I am about to start {have you joined me yet?!! There’s still room for you!}, and knowing in my heart that PEOPLE WILL BE BETTER OFF for being a part of my group. That brings me joy!!!

I had a coach of mine who found out how much I earned last year and her response was “WHAT?!?! Why don’t you talk about that on your page and tell people!!” 

Well, the answer is this….. I’m not DOING this for that income. And I don’t want to ATTRACT people who WANT to do this simply because of that income. I am doing this because I am DEEPLY SATISFIED knowing I have an opportunity to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. And I want to ATTRACT the people who want to make the world a better place. Period. 

Life is short my friends. 


🙅🏻 Don’t spend time chasing money and doing the things you feel can make you the quickest buck. 

🤜🏻 MAKE A DIFFERENCE 🤛🏼 Find opportunities to SERVE. Do what you would do if money weren’t an issue…. & the funny thing is - if you do that, money WON’T be an issue.  😉