I had never considered needing a permission slip. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But as I listened to a new book on the flight to Mexico that’s exactly what the author recommended. 

I listened to Brene Brown share how she had the idea one day to write herself a permission slip to be happy, and how much POWER she felt in that. 

Upon hearing this, I immediately paused the audio book, pulled out a piece of paper, and wrote myself a permission slip to be HAPPY. #cuzGENIUSidea 💡

There’s been so much sadness & heartache in the world. I feel it. I have family members struggling, hard. I know friends dealing with hard things. I have my own struggles, we all do. 

The reality is I got on that plane with a heaviness in my heart. I have been offering up so many prayers in the days leading up to this trip. Praying for relief so I could be full of JOY, cuz I felt these coaches deserved my energetic BEST at this retreat. And really, I don’t know how to fake it and NOT wear my heart on my sleeve. 

 It's not the circumstances that create joy. It's you.

Low & behold, writing a permission slip was JUST what I needed, my answer to prayer.  🙏🏼

& you know what’s interesting about that? My therapist has said JOY is the scariest emotion for people to feel. 

I rejected that statement at first, but upon reflection I have found it true in my own life. Self sabotage, blame, an ease for me to step into a victim mentality, giving the excuse of an empathic nature for why I feel sadness. The reality is - it’s all me creating these things so I can avoid feeling joy. Cuz to feel high amounts of unlimited joy requires me to feel I DESERVE that level of joy, which requires LOADS of self acceptance and self forgiveness; and that’s kind of scary! 

So I wrote myself a permission slip to be GOOFY, happy, and FULL of joy. 

 We have to choose joy and keep choosing it.

And I have felt just THAT. Today, especially. 

Find your tribe and love them hard

Today has been... MAGICAL. ✨✨ I kept catching myself with the thoughts “I am SO happy. I can’t believe I’m seeing such beauty! I can’t believe I’m here. I can’t believe how incredible these humans are that I’m surrounded by. I can’t believe I get to be alive and have this experience. I feel such JOY.” 😊☺️😌🙂😊☺️😌

I am proud of me. Cuz I let myself BE in the moment today, sinking into, and ACCEPTING, the JOY. 

I see a lot more permission slips in my future.  📝 Cuz in the midst of everything going on in the world, friends, it’s OK to choose JOY.