Being here has me in a reflective mood. 

Ya know, I didn't grow up wanting to work and be a career woman. 

I was the little girl who proudly declared "when I grow up I want to be a MOM". 

That has always been, in my mind, the GREATEST work a woman could have. #familyiseverything 

I just wanted to lose some weight after my third baby. I found some AMAZING tools in world class fitness programs and a nutrient dense shake. 

I was a customer using the products, that's it. 

But I had the most sacred moment on my knees where I just KNEW- this is something God wanted me to do. 

It was time for me to pay it forward. 

 His timing is perfect and His presence is constant.

My mind was haunted- "Who else out there would never get THEIR chance if I didn't talk about my journey? Did their life matter enough for me to step out of my comfort zone?"

Another influence to be a coach was thinking about the future. 

That was a hot topic of conversation with my husband. 😬 We felt his job wouldn't be an option 5/10 years down the road. And then what? We had already gone two years without income, I REFUSED to go thru something like that again. I REFUSED. 

My husband got a second job. It's not like my husband was this bum sitting back on the couch doing nothing. He was HUSTLING. Like 6 am to 10 pm WORKING, day in and day out, six days a week.

I just knew there HAD to be something *I* could do to help us create more future stability. 

 the difference between who you are and who you wan to be, is what you do

So- the momma bear in me came out. A momma bear will always do whatever it takes to protect her family. When your family is in danger, a momma bear STEPS UP, and takes action. 

My own family has told me "you sure got lucky" so I KNOW people think I just got lucky. 

Don't be mistaken- 

I didn't just get lucky. 

I have worked harder than I have ever worked at something in my LIFE. 

And 57 months later ....... here we are. 

Now- I don't worry about our future. 
Now- we can spend more time as a family TOGETHER. 

And on a morning like today, I'm working for a little bit via laptop with the beach as my background. 😍

To think about the journey that brought my little family HERE..... 

What a broken surprising road it has been.


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