I Loved this concept from my reading this morning and had to share. The author was sharing how problems are REALLY opportunities, if we choose to be the eagle..

Think about this....

Turbulent winds make an eagle soar higher!

When the winds are rough, it carries an eagle UP.

This allows the eagle with it's sharp eyes a larger view, a larger perspective, to see what it couldn't before.

It lifts that eagle above harassment from smaller birds.

The eagle can use less effort because it's feathers are designed to glide and resist stalling, even in turbulent winds.

The eagle can stay UP longer in turbulent winds, and fly faster with the wind currents.

 Turbulent winds make an eagle fly higher, be the eagle.

I can't help but think of this as a TRUTH in life, so applicable for us.

Maybe, just maybe, life problems are really lifting us UP.

 see problems as opportunities
 Problems are just opportunities that haven't presented themselves.

Providing us with a larger perspective, lifting us above the things that don't really matter, giving us that chance to rely more on God, the chance to move forward FASTER.

Maybe.... a problem isn't a problem, unless you let it be.

I think I'll subscribe to THAT belief.