There was a time in my life when I couldn't see myself ever loving exercise.

I thought people who actually liked working out were just crazy, or lying. Lol.

I just assumed everyone saw it like me. That you exercise because you know you should, not because you actually like it.

 every time you workout it's a gift to yourself so enjoy it

Even as a coach, I will admit I got in the exercise rhythm solely out of duty - knowing THIS IS JUST what you do to change your life.

But I had to play mind games with myself to get up and do my workouts! The public accountability of being a coach really really helped. ;)

But you know what? Things have changed. I have changed.

 workout at home

Yes yes I actually love working out now. I WANT to workout. Even on my busy days when my to-do list is a mile long, or times when I'm traveling, I don't WANT to take advantage of the excuse to skip a workout, I WANT to workout.

☑️Because it makes me feel good. 

☑️Because it brings mental clarity. 

☑️Because it gives me a boost of energy.

☑️Because exercise days are good days. 

And I like having good days. ;)

Noooooowwwww if I could just lose my desire for unhealthy foods that would be FABULOUS. 😆