I just had some thoughts so I wanted to share some things with you guys. This is something that has come up in conversations I have had with coaches, friends & family.


Many of you know I am a Christian. I believe in God and I read the scripture yet I place a high value on reading good personal development books. I have gotten the concern from people that they don't know if they should be reading personal development because they read their Scriptures and they don't want to replace God.

Let me say that I can respect that! I understand that concern and I can see where it's coming from.

I know there was a season in my life while growing up that I knew everything that I needed comes from God and I can read the scriptures and get everything I need to know to keep me on the strait and narrow path of life. I didn't see the value in reading other books- especially books seeking to give me advise on how to live a better more Christ-like life. Yet, my mind has shifted and I can see a great value personal development has brought to me as an adult and even see the benefit of children & teens embracing personal development. So I wanted to share my perspective on how I have peace with this. I do encourage everyone to pray for themselves and listen to the spirit and see what is true for them.

Here's how I see it... The world is full of a lot of stubborn people! I know that we are a generation of strong willed and highly opinionated people so we are not easy swayed- which is a good thing! We have to be able to stand our ground if we are going to survive and be ok in this world. I'm not easily blinded or follow people easily. I ask WHY. Why should I do that? Why should I listed? I think that's an overarching thing of people in this day and age... we ask... WHY?

Earlier generations could read something in the Bible and it would say 'early to bed early to rise'... and they would just DO IT. They didn't ask why. I know for myself I have had to read a different book called 'The Morning Miracle' to have that really sink in to see the value of going to be early and waking up early to see why I should do that principle. It sinks in! I have never read something in personal development that has gone against what I believe and my standards I value. It's all the same, principle is principle truth is truth. The way that we are hardwired, our personalities, we sometimes need to be persuaded. We need to have things broken down to know why it will make a difference and the value we will get in making these choices and jump into action. The bible has truth and personal development has the same truth! The principles are the same but it's ok to recognize as human beings that we need to have principles broken down for us.

One of the most powerful books I have read is called the 'Slight Edge' and when I have read it I am constantly thinking in my mind "I KNOW THIS!" How many times have I read the scripture... 'by small and simple things great things are brought to pass'. I know this! But yet... I had to read that book to have it really sink in to take action on that principle. 

I don't feel shameful or feel it's disrespecting God for reading that book and it's not replacing my faith and belief in the scriptures because Truth is Truth and it's all bringing me to my highest potential. I reference other books in the video below with the same principles that 'I AM A CHILD OF GOD'. It's been told to me in scriptures but through personal development it has sunk in even deeper!

I hope you'll watch the video below where I went live on my Facebook page to express these thoughts!