The infamous before and after photos that Beachbody is known for. Beachbody is all about RESULTS.

Which is why I've been contemplating my lack of sharing transformation photos on my page lately.

I keep asking myself WHY have I stopped sharing before and after photos??"

Maybe it's because after years of sharing RESULTS I assumed people just KNEW that nothing compares to the products Beachbody offers.

I figured people got the message.

But is that really fair??..... to stop sharing the message that inspired ME?

You see.... after Phoebe was born I really really wanted to see "the beauty and strength of which my body was capable of." I lost 25 lbs just running and counting calories. I really don't know how much I gained with my pregnancy but that was pretty much it.

BUT.... then I couldn't lose anymore weight. I was STUCK for over four months. Even though I was running over 20+ miles a week and counting calories.

Then..... I saw a photo album on Facebook, just like these images below. CHUCK FULL of transformation photos.


I related. I connected to those people in the before photos. And their after photos gave me HOPE. Belief. They represented POSSIBILITY .... for someone like ME.

BECAUSE of photos like this I pulled that dusty old P90X program off the shelf and started pressing PLAY. I ordered Shakeology and replaced one meal a day. Everything else stayed the same since I was already eating well. AND...... 35 lbs came off within months.

My life CHANGED, because of before and after photos.

SO..... I've made a committment to myself. More transformation photos. Lots more. So brace yourself. ;)

This album will be added to a LOT over the next few months. So stay tuned.