After taking time off from flying for Summit & Super Saturday preparations, plus a couple necessary ground lessons- it's been THREE WEEKS since I have gone up in the air. 


Just that little space created so much fear and anxiety and self doubt! The last few days my mind has been along the track of....

"I don't think I can do this. This is too hard. Why am I even doing this? Flying is too scary. I don't really care if I get my pilot certificate, I should just stop."


It's interesting to me as I reflect on that. Because I see that same thought pattern in those around me; in business, in health and fitness, in all aspects of life really. When one disengages from an activity there's a mind game that follows of self doubt, fear, complacency, and justification. 

I'll have a challenger who falls off track, stops working out for a few days or a week, and all of the sudden they start telling themselves they don't know what they are doing, it's not possible for them to ever be healthy and fit, they should just quit altogether, cuz what's the use in trying?!

Hold up sister. Just stop right there! I know, trust me, I KNOW it feels like a super complicated thing to get back on track with your goals when you fall off course, but it's not hard, I promise. 

•••• Just don't wait for your mind to get back on track BEFORE you take action.••••


>> ACTION kills fear. 

>> ACTION crushes self doubt. 

Just take a step forward. Press play on that workout DVD. Make that one healthy meal today. Send out that one invite to a challenge group. 

Your mind will catch up to match your behavior.

I know that because I got in that plane. I went up in the air. And it didn't take long for my mind to catch up and remember the thrill, absolute THRILL and enjoyment of flying. 

I think you'll see the same for yourself as you re- engage with your goals.

Always rooting for you girl.