"Mom, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want to learn how to play the viola."

Boys who play the viola

Mack took me by surprise at the end of last school year. 

I play the viola. Music was definitely a big part of my youth! But I also played sports. Ballet, dance, gymnastics- I tried it all. My parents put me in pretty much everything as a kid, and let me pick what I enjoyed most. 

I want my kids to have the same chance to pursue THEIR interests. At first I kind of thought Mack was only interested in the viola because of me. So I didn't bring it up over the summer. 

But after the summer break, that first day of school he was the one to remind me- "Mom, I really do want to play the viola". 

So here we are, picking out Mack's first viola, getting him ready for orchestra. Fifth grade- that's when I started the viola as well! 

Guess it's payback time for all the screeches of viola practicing my parents had to endure.

My little guy is growing up!