One of the things that has been on my mind lately is self discipline. 

Chew on this- if you did everything you didn't feel like doing, you'd have everything you ever wanted. 

Kind of profound eh? 

Well with that in mind, I'm starting a new program today that has quite honestly SCARED me. It's the program I have never felt like doing because it's literally DESIGNED to be impossible. You aren't expected to master the workouts, you just do your best and see how far you can go before hitting your limit and "maxing" out! 

I just finished the 21 Day Fix a week and a half ago and saw amazing results from that program. Down 9 lbs and 3 inches, ending out at 143.6.

Coming back from Summit I weighed in this morning at 143.6. Plateau perhaps? Is that where my body is comfortable? We'll see. If I stay that weight I'm fine, it's never been about the numbers for me. I just want to challenge myself and be able to say I'm a Max 30 graduate! 


Before photos ✔️ 

Measurements ✔️ 

Weight taken ✔️ 

Starting fresh with my new Summer Slimdown group and ready to rock it!