Look who came to visit! 

It's my sponsor in this business, Scottie Hobbs and his wife Gabby. 

This is the guy who taught me how to build this business! He is the one who showed me what COULD be, he's the one that inspired me to dream big, he's the one that inspired me to actually DO P90X in the first place 

I can't even put into words the influence on my life he has had. 

It all started in January 2012 when I stumbled across a random Facebook post from Scottie. I had no idea who he was, we weren't Facebook friends, but I could see he lived in Idaho Falls like me. 

I didn't DARE like any of his Facebook posts, or send him a friend request. I didn't want him to get the wrong idea lol- I'm happily married! Ha! 

But reading his Facebook posts was inspiring me to keep pressing play on P90X. So every single day, I'd type in his name on Facebook and read thru his posts, read his blog, and look thru pictures in his photo albums. 

Following his journey created a belief in me that maybe, just maybe, I could make changes in my life. 

I'm excited for Scottie and Gabby to be here for a few days with their kids to hang out with us. 

And I'm excited for Scottie to speak this weekend as our special guest speaker at the Phoenix Beachbody Super Saturday. 

Phoenix coaches---- you're in for a treat!! If Scottie can inspire me, he's sure to inspire you too. ;)

I'm forever, eternally grateful. His influence has changed my life for the better!