Everyone has struggles. 

Everyone has doubts and fears.

So why do some reach high levels of success when others don't??

What makes the difference?

Here's a KEY ELEMENT...

:::::: Who you confide in & listen to when you struggle ::::::

Who are you reaching out to in hard times?

..... Someone validating your doubt and fear?

..... Someone joining the pity party? 

..... Someone struggling in the same way?


>> Do you reach out to a life coach who can offer outside perspective? 

>> How about a mentor who's willing to shoot you straight?

>> Do you seek out empowering therapy? 

>> Do you rely on personal development authors to be the voice of reason? 

>> Are you meditating and connecting with God to see clearly?

I've been a Beachbody coach for 4 years now. And I can't even COUNT how often I'm asked what I've done differently to see success.

I'm a 3 time Elite coach, I've reached the highest rank possible {15 Star}, joined the Million Club, I'm one of 35 current Executive Leaders in the network..... my business has continued to grow year after year. As of now I've earned more money in 2016 than I did in all of 2015. #noslowingdown Yet there are people who hit unbreakable plateaus, people who don't ever reach high levels of success. Cuz don't be mistaken, Beachbody does NOT guarantee any level of level of income or success. <income disclaimer> So HOW?!?!

Well I'm telling you, I can identify a KEY difference.

I am VERY selective in whom I take advice. I don't share frustrations and doubts with those struggling in the same way. I don't care for validation in struggles, I want SOLUTIONS! When I felt DANG FRUSTRATED last year I invested in a life coach. I continue to invest in a life coach, I continue to invest in a therapist EVEN THOUGH there's no current crisis, and I invest in reading books cover to cover. Every single year it's a priority for me to attend a live personal development seminar.

I'm committed to my growth. So in my mind that's just what you do! And yet I see so many SEEK OUT success partners/friends/confidants who validate their fears and doubts. WHY???!!!!

We all know misery enjoys company, SURE. I've even heard "It's comforting to know I'm not the only one struggling". But remember this... Comfort in misery doesn't bring you OUT of misery.


If I'm having a hard time I can't even IMAGINE my life coach saying "Oh my goodness I KNOW!! I'm struggling too!! Here's all the things going wrong in my life." NO WAY!!! My life coach knows as a professional his job is on the line. Same goes for my therapist. I have never had a therapist dump their problems on me or validate fears.


If you care about your progress PROTECT the circle of influence you allow in your space.


Just my random thoughts for the day.