Each night, before going to bed, I walk thru the house and tidy up. Dishes put away, counters wiped, floors sweep, laundry switched over, etc. 

Tonight, for some reason I asked myself.... "Why? Why am I doing this? I have another flight early tomorrow morning and it's LATE. Is cleaning the kitchen more important than sleep?"

And the word popped into my mind -----> RESIDUE

 Beautiful white kitchen, great message nightly clean up.

I don't want to carry ANY of the residue from TODAY into tomorrow. Tomorrow deserves my BEST. Tomorrow deserves ALL my energy and attention for the present moment. 

Leftover residue from today, whether in the form of dirty dishes or unforgiven experiences, take AWAY from the energy tomorrow deserves. 

So I'll wipe the counters. I'll switch out the laundry and I'll sweep the floors. 

And then I'll kneel down and pray for strength to forgive - others, and myself. 

I'll lay in bed and make mental note of what went WELL today. Ending my day with a heart full of gratitude. 

Cuz tomorrow deserves a fresh start, free from the residue of the day before. ✌🏼️