Do you have friends who INSPIRE you to step it up and do MORE with your life?

I'm here in St George Utah right now for a Beachbody team retreat, I got in late Wednesday night. And all day yesterday, and all during our live workout this morning the number one thing going thru my mind is this........

I'm so dang grateful for this community. 

Gossip, drama, complaining .... It's such a bore right?!!!

The sad thing is for many years I created a belief that I didn't like being around people.


Well come to realize I LOVE people!! I just don't enjoy being around SOME people, people who are a negative influence.

I don't want to hang out with a group of friends and talk about other people! I don't want to hang around people who spend their time validating one another as victims!

I want to hang out with a group of friends and have conversations about our GOALS and DREAMS. I want to be around people who CHALLENGE me to elevate my thinking. I want to talk about the books we are reading and share breakthroughs and aspirations.

I want to be around people who assist me in problem solving. People who get EXCITED with me about the PUZZLES life is presenting to us.

This crew right here..... We are a TEAM.


And this team is EXACTLY the kind of community I LOVE surrounding myself with.