Daddy Daughter Date & a Birthday GIRL!

I have a feeling these two little girls will never forget Friday night. 

They talked about their Daddy Daughter date ALLLL week long. 

Both girls made sure they were dressed in clean clothes, perfume spritzed, lipstick applied, and special pieces of mom's jewelry borrowed. Jayson played the part and showed up with flowers for both girls and opened their doors. 

I adore this guy. And if you couldn't tell by the giant smiles on my girl's faces...... they kind of adore him too. ❤️

Then, Nine little girls came over today to celebrate Andi's ninth birthday.

I may not be the Pinterest mom with special homemade cakes, elaborate decorations, and detailed party invites.... but according to this little girl it was "The best birthday ever, well except for the year we went to Disneyland". 😉

Second to Disney? I'll take it.

Family is everything.