My name is Brigitte. And I'm a wife and mom of 3 supporting my family as a Beachbody coach. 

Just so you know, my name is pronounced totally different than how you're reading that in your head right now lol, but don't worry, you can just call me your "Insider Beachbody friend". 

But..... if you're DYING to know how my name is pronounced just rewind the Sound of Music to hear the second oldest girl say her name a few times, and you'll get the pronunciation.


I just had a truth bomb filled heart to heart zoom chat with the diamond coaches on the team.

I might have yelled, and I might have cried too- but I felt like my heart was going to BURST out of my chest. And not because of a nervous energy, but PASSION.


This business opportunity has CHANGED. MY. LIFE. And I say that not even THINKING about the money.

I have learned so much about myself. I am NOT the same person I was before. I see coaches growing by LEAPS and BOUNDS! I am SURROUNDED by people who are challenging their limiting beliefs, and taking a STAND for the greatness within. Taking a stand to LIVE the life God intended for them.

I'm no longer here trying to increase income or move to a higher rank. I've hit the highest rank possible in the business, and I don't NEED a higher paycheck. Is that wrong to have that attitude? I don't know, but I don't care. It's the truth- THAT JUST DOESN'T MOTIVATE ME.

What does motivate me is knowing people are where I once was! I can't sleep at night knowing there are people holding themselves BACK. I'm just not okay with that!!!! There IS a better way!! And I feel an OBLIGATION to share that.

I REFUSE to live beneath the potential I KNOW God placed within me.

And I REFUSE to let others live beneath THEIR potential either.

I'll yell, I'll cry, I'll do WHATEVER IT TAKES until my circle of influence KNOWS without a shadow of a doubt, that they can do ANYTHING with God on their side.

Listen, I'll be the one to say it- Beachbody coaching isn't for everyone. But wouldn't you like to know for sure either way? 

Are you curious if this could be your thing? Curious how to turn your passion for health and fitness into a business? 

Do you have questions on how this works, what the pay structure is like, what a day in the life of a coach entails, and how you help people online? Would you like someone to just TELL you the characteristics of a successful coach so you don't waste your time? 

Give me three days. 

No scripts. Just me, live, sharing the raw truths of how this works. 


The first live video starts tomorrow! 

*No coaches please. If you're working with another coach please connect with that person.