While all my friends filled the streets of downtown Nashville for a Super Workout with THOUSANDS of coaches working out live to Tony Horton, Shawn T, Chalene Johnson, and Autumn Calabrese. I opted for a quick Beachbody On Demand online streaming instead


Today is the day I get to stand on stage in front of 6000 coaches and deliver a message! Knowing I won't be back in time to get ready if I join the Super Workout, I opted for a quick Beachbody On Demand online streaming instead. The coolest thing about Beachbody is that we can all succeed together even when we aren't together!

So I got that kick of endorphins going this morning! And arrived on time and ready! 

We did it!!! And we didn't fall on our faces in front of thousands of people so it's a WIN.

I'm so honored I got to share the stage today with one of my coaches, Missy Reber. Can I take a minute to tell you about my dear friend here? 


Missy grew up knowing my husband and his family. We saw one another's posts on Facebook and became virtual friends. It was an instant connection as we bonded over the craziness of our mom lives. Once I got to know her and heard about her Insanity transformation (40 lbs lost) I invited Missy to be a coach because HELLO, it was OBVIOUS she was meant to be a coach. She turned me down, but we still talked back and forth as friends. Often I would tell her, "Just know, when you're ready to be a coach I REALLY think you should do this with me." 

Finally, after she watched me online and saw for herself how FUN this can be, she decided to go for it. 

I always knew Missy would do great. She had a unique ability to connect with people, love on them, and stand as a leader. And she's done just that. 

Missy started out living in a duplex in Utah when we met, working as a nurse part time as she raised her four kids with her husband. Her goals included moving to this magical place .... Oregon. Where there's lots of green trees and berries that grow on the side of the road. 

Now...... That's where she lives with her family. On a 20 acre farm with goats and chickens and pigs-- she is living HER dream. Her husband, retired from his job, is now home with the family and there to home school their four kids with Missy as she supports their family doing this crazy little Beachbody thing. And this is your income disclaimer cuz make no mistake, Beachbody doesn't guarantee success or income! Missy worked for ALL the success she has seen. 

Today, I got to stand side by side and hear Missy speak from her heart to 6 thousand coaches. As always, she inspires me. I'm so so proud of her. To see what she has accomplished just giving her best even when she didn't think it was good enough is AWE-SPIRE.

Congratulations friend. You killed it up there on stage