Confidence comes from DOING the things you know are best for you.

That right there is one of the BIG lessons I've learned the last few years!

 What is your spirit saying to YOU?

And you know what's kind of cool about that?

Your spirit will ALWAYS tell you what is best for you. You KNOW the things you "should" be doing.

I put that word in parentheses so you know what I'm talking about, but I don't like the word SHOULD. Instead of saying I "SHOULD" be doing something. I say I GET to do things that work for me. #‎empoweringwordsMATTER

Along that line of thought..... I think a lot of my depression growing up was my spirit just trying to communicate to me---- something isn't right, make changes, take care of this & that.

But instead of listening to my spirit, I drowned it out with medication and told it to shut up. For the time being, that was best for me, no regrets. I didn't know how to listen and understand what my spirit was trying to tell me anyways.

  What are your dreams/intuitions telling you about what is next for you?
 One true inner voice, your SPIRIT.

It's been a journey that's for sure!

But if you're not feeling your best, make changes. Listen to your spirit! And know, you WILL grow in confidence when you're doing the things that are best for you. Working out, reading personal development, connecting with God, being nice to people.... All things you GET to do that are best for you. :)