patriotic strawberry and greek yogurt grapes skewers

Do you approach holidays like the 4th of July and start to panic you are going to "fall of the bandwagon"? I'm not going to lie, I really enjoy yummy foods! BUT here's the thing- you don't have to eat crappy to enjoy the holidays!

What I have come to learn is that when you want to live an all-around healthier lifestyle it requires an ATTITUDE SHIFT! Instead of feeling like you are missing out on so much- go into the holidays with an abundance attitude. An abundance of healthy, fresh & delightful foods. Especially during the summer holidays like INDEPENDENCE DAY. Feeling abundantly blessed to have such satisfying refreshing flavors & full (& pleasant) tummy at the end of the day. ;)

 4th of july snack strawberry and greek yogurt frozen grape skewers.

Our family loves to come up with ways to have a healthy 'treat'. You may remember my EASY, HEALTHY & REFRESHING SIZZLIN' SUMMER SNACK RECIPE | Frozen Yogurt Grapes post a couple weeks back. They are always prepared in our freezer for hot summer days and are a perfect match for a fruit skewer!

We also love YOGURT DIPPED STRAWBERRIES. These are even yummy frozen!

 Easy 4th of July HEALTHY snacks!

Super fun, festive & easy healthy snacks everyone will enjoy!

 red white and blue yogurt dipped strawberries healthy snacks snack strawberry and greek yogurt grapes skewers
 independence day yogurt dipped strawberries healthy snack

Nobody has to get too far off track during the holidays. If you need a little accountability I'd love to have you in my next Summer Slimdown Challenge starting soon! We have a blast keeping one another happy & living well.