I think there was a time I was so proud of the 'CHANGES' I have made in my life, the changes God has made in my life. 

Even still, I catch myself using that phrase. "I've changed." Did I even use that phrase this morning? Perhaps.

But is it really "change"? Changing who you ARE, into a whole new person? Is that even possible? 

Or is it simply remembering who you always have been, but have forgotten

I believe it's the later. 

I think the process of "change" is really a process of AWARENESS.

Being brought to an awareness of who you ALWAYS have been, and what you ALWAYS have been capable of. 

Just like these feathers.

Feathers are a reminder to me that angels are near and guiding me. Everyday I'm finding more and more feathers. 

But just like I'm coming into an awareness of who I REALLY am, I think I've just been brought to an awareness of the feathers; but the Angels have ALWAYS been there. 

Awareness. I like that. 

So much potential. So much ability. In all of us. 

Let's be more AWARE.