"What seems hard now will some day be your warm up." 

So freaking true right?!

In working out. In business. In relationships. In controlling my emotions and thoughts. In flying. I can see how this is true in all aspects of my life! 

I feel like I've come a long way. Five years ago if you had told me the next day I would need to run a business leading over 11k people, support my family financially, workout everyday and eat clean, maintain the house and be a wife & mom to three kids, fulfill church callings, and take a plane flying I would have said "NO WAY!!! There's no way I can handle all that!" 

I couldn't even handle working out and eating clean on a consistent basis. 🙈

Little by little, I've been changing. Learning how to do new things, & pushing my limits, developing new skills. But nothing happened overnight. It's been a process! A journey! 

And it started with me making a commitment to myself & to God to just move FORWARD every single day, do my best each day to progress SOMEHOW. 

Years later it's pretty amazing to see what has happened since I made that commitment. 

Baby steps, small and simple things---- it ALL adds up. 

Time to blow your own mind friends. Time to move FORWARD. ➡️