Exciting Changes!

If you drive by our house right now THIS is what you'll see. Cuz YEP- we are moving! 


We are buying a house!!!!! 

I've been waiting for this for SIX long years. 

It was six years ago that we filed bankruptcy. 

-- Six years of renting. 

-- Six years working to rebuild our credit. 

But I thought we would have to wait a couple more years before buying a home. I don't have a typical traditional job, and our credit is barely getting up there, so I really didn't think we would get pre-approved for a home loan, but we did! It's really actually happening!!! 

We found our dream home, put in an offer, and ..... it was accepted. We are moving this summer!!!!

The last little while I've been trying to process it all. Not gonna lie, it's been a whirlwind of emotions. 

One moment I'm deliriously excited. We found a Pinterest worthy house, it's gorgeous guys. I never thought I'd get to live in such a beautiful house. 

Then my excitement moves to fear. The last time we had a mortgage we lost our home. 

And then, {don't laugh at me} but there's also been some self induced guilt/shame. I've been working thru a whole bunch of false beliefs I didn't even REALIZE I had about money. Who knew I actually believed to be a good humble Christian I couldn't have nice things and have money without being at risk of God's condemnation?? I was misinterpreting a bunch of scriptures and it took this whole experience of buying a home for those false beliefs to surface. 

I've been doing a lot of processing, spending a lot of time in prayer seeking truth & clarity, and releasing a lot of false beliefs. 

Now...... I'm ready to share the good news cuz I'm just plain excited and grateful.

We have moved every 2-3 years, but this is our forever home. No more moving!!! My kids deserve that stability and I'm so happy I can finally give that to them. 

All those long nights and early mornings building this business were worth it. I was NOT a natural at coaching, I had no idea how to use social media, a small network of people, and so many doubts and fears. Plus I had my share of naysayers! People who didn't think this business would amount to anything, people who didn't support me. 

But I'm having a hard time hearing their voices now.

Anything is possible guys!!! 

Dreams do come true!!