Papers signed. 

Money transferred. 

Keys in hand.

IT REALLY REALLY WENT THROUGH. We bought a house!!!!

 Loosing their home to foreclosure to buying their dream home in just 6 years.

I gotta be honest and share what’s been going through my mind lately.

At the beginning of the year when I was praying about my goals for the year and what God had in store for me I just KNEW it was time to buy a home. But the last time we had a mortgage we lost our home in a foreclosure. That was six years ago and since then we haven’t had a bank loan! Renting has felt safe and I was fine to continue renting. But I felt God telling me “This isn’t where you’re suppose to be long term.” So we started looking around.

We even stayed back from the Beachbody Success Club trip in March knowing we needed to be in a contract SOON if we were to close in time when our lease was up. I was STRESSING. We walked through SO MANY houses, so much back and forth on buying a modest home in cash, or buying our dream home with plans to pay it off in a few years. Lots of prayers on the matter.

And bless our realtor’s heart. lol. Ashley Schmidt was the BEST realtor we have ever worked with. That’s a post for another day, but if you need someone I would 100% recommend her.

But I wasn’t finding the ONE. I walked through a lot of nice houses, but I wasn’t getting the spiritual confirmation to move forward with any of them.

Finally, we found this house. And I just KNEW - this is where my kids are suppose to grow up.

I knew God approved and it was GOOD. I was so relieved, excited, at peace. And that lasted for about 24 hours. Then I was ridden with fear and guilt. Clearly I’m a female mess of emotions. lol.

I had NO IDEA I had so many issues and limiting beliefs surrounding money. Many of my thoughts included….. “We lost our previous forever dream home, what if we lose this one too?” “What will people think of me when they see the new house? Will people judge me? Think I’m a bad person? AM I bad person for making this purchase?”


I thought long and hard about it. Prayed. Meditated. Talked to my therapist about it, my life coach, my husband, close friends, journaled about it, read The Legacy Journey by Dave Ramsey

which is SUCH A GOOD book if you’re a Christian and have concerns about money! I think a lot of Christians think it’s bad to have money and this book helped me a TON to learn about money from a biblical standpoint. Those things really helped me work through the guilt of having something nice.

And the fear dissipated as I prayed, a lot. But also just doing the math. When we lost our previous home, the mortgage on that house was nearly 40% of our monthly income. We were living month to month basically, saving very little. The mortgage on this home is 7% of our monthly income. We can continue saving more than we spend each month and work to pay it off quickly.

I didn’t share the news of our move until I could share the news without including an apology. Yet I was BRACING myself for hate messages when I posted photos of the new place. I didn’t get any, everyone was so positive. But I don’t know the thoughts that went unsaid.

All I can do is pray people know my heart. And stay focused on my standing with God and what HE thinks of me.

LONG STORY huh. lol. But I am SO GRATEFUL for everything I’ve been working through mentally the last few months so COME CLOSING DAY, there’s no fear, there’s no guilt or shame, I can just be EXCITED.

It’s proof to me of many things…..

- God restores all. 

- Beachbody has been a God given BLESSING for us.

 lead with a dream

- DREAM BIG! Even if you have doubt in your own dreams, keep moving forward. You might just surprise yourself and actually live that dream board life.

WE ARE ALL SO EXCITED AND SO GRATEFUL!! Six more weeks and we are moving in!!!!