Spent the morning going through applications and connecting with coaches for my new coach mentorship!

Gosh it has me excited for everyone that is stepping into ACTION on their dreams! Best Job Ever! 

Speaking of dreams... this afternoon we headed to the new house! 


Have you ever seen those little iPads installed in the wall of homes? It controls security cameras, surround sound, lights, stuff like that? 

Well the house we are buying has one of those little suckers! Three throughout the house. And I have no clue how they work or what all they control. 😂  We met with the sellers to have them show us how it all works. 

Goal---- be smarter than the smart home. 😉😂 

AHHHHH, walking through the new house again and hearing the sellers talk about the neighborhood and what it's like has us EVEN MORE excited to move in!

  white kitchen cabinets mixed with black & gold accents and deep brown wood tile floors tie everything together so beautifully.

I love the way they decorated, but I am pretty exited to make it our own.

 white fireplace mantle with large open fireplace, large wood beams & black door & window casings. 

For all my decorating friends, I have a question for you about this space...

I'm thinking of putting two identical couches facing one another on either side of the fireplace. With two chairs in between, and a bench in front of the fireplace. THAT, or, doing a small sectional like this with two chairs.

 built-in bookshelves, hanging CHANDELIERS & exposed wood beams

I've been pinning a lot of photos on Pinterest for decorating inspiration, of course!

 kitchen with a walk-through pantry, white cabinets & amazing shadow box ceiling
 gas stove under a beautiful white hood partition the walk-through pantry
 Copper farmhouse sink
 walk-through pantry

All the other rooms I know exactly what I want to do except for this one. Input welcomed!

 pillars lit by sconce lights leading into the separate dining area with two hanging lights from the trayed ceiling above the table.

Pinching myself that this is reality. 

Closing on this beauty in five more days!!!!!!