Raising a GIRL BOSS

She's officially in business!  Andi's Africa Fund has begun. 💰

Last fall Jayson Linford went on a service trip to Ghana and helped build a home and volunteered at a school there. I know the kids all want to go back and see in person what Jayson experienced. But we told them it would be awhile before that happened. 

Well, the other day Andi was in the car with me as I was listening to an audiobook- Jack Canfield's Success Principles. He happened to mention how many have the excuse of being too old to go after their dreams. Andi commented to me "I can see how that is true. I don't use the excuse I'm too old, but I do think I'm too young to do certain things."

Well what do you know, a couple minutes later the author starts giving examples of people using the excuse of being too YOUNG to go after their dreams and goals.

Andi's eyes were wide open as she heard example after example of young kids who have built businesses and started foundations. I could SEE the wheels turning in Andi's head. 

A few days later she came to me and asked.....

"Mom, if I earn enough money to buy my own plane ticket to Ghana, can I go there for a service trip?"


I thought about it, talked to Jayson, and said YES. 

She went into a creative business brainstorm, coming up with lots of ideas on how to earn the money. We told her we are not giving her money from household chores. Chores are just part of being in this family so she would have to earn the money elsewhere. Well after seeing someone selling water bottles from a cart at the park over the weekend, she has decided she can do the same thing. 

Andi bought her own water bottles to sell. She bought some jumbo rainbow suckers from Amazon. Made her own signs. And she's officially in business.

Africa, you'll be seeing this blonde hair little GIRL BOSS one day, mark my words!