There are a few memories that have been BURNED in my mind.

>> I remember WAITING for paychecks that never came. We went without income for a loooooong time due to a failed business.

>> I remember looking for jobs and comparing what my income would be after paying for daycare. My potential profit?? 3 dollars an hour.

>> I remember living off food storage, credit cards, and whatever money I could bring in from selling random household items on craigslist.

>> I remember the PIT in my stomach when our car was repossessed.

>> I remember how SHAMEFUL I felt sitting in the lawyer's office as we sat down to talk about the big "B" word - bankruptcy.

>> I remember returning unopened batteries to Walmart so I could buy a gallon of milk.

>> I remember going without food so I had SOMETHING to feed my kids.

>> I remember filling up the gas tank with five dollars because that's all the money I had .... paid in change.

One may hear about memories like that and think they are painful memories. But for me? I am GRATEFUL.

I don't think I would have HUSTLED like I did with this Beachbody coaching opportunity if I hadn't have lived SO MANY YEARS with my back up against the wall.

I saw this opportunity to make a difference in the world and earn an income while doing so and RAN with it. Opportunities like this don't come by everyday. So when the door was opened with the opportunity I just KNEW - THIS IS MY CHANCE!!

It is INCREDIBLE to see how this business has grown! I know I don't have to ‘push’ anymore. I've hit the highest rank you can achieve in the Beachbody network - 15 Star. We earn more in a month than my husband was earning in a year working two jobs. I could just sit by the pool everyday and do not much of anything! But..... that's just not my style. I know there are SEVERAL people living life like I was. People who are JUST LIKE ME. And I have to show them that THERE'S A BETTER WAY!!! You don't have to live life like that!!


I’m starting a new coach training group on Monday. If you are ready to UPGRADE your life, DO something different, make fitness your business, and you’re willing to invest in other people - let me share what I’ve learned through trial and error over the last 4 years!

I only take on a few new coaches every month so I can really invest in each person. If you're interested in one of those spots fill out this application! I'd love to give you more info!


And to make the legal department happy....


Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.