Some days I want to wake up early to the sound of an alarm clock. I want to work out in my home gym, and work at my desk, powering thru my to-do list. Some days that makes me really happy and fulfilled. 


Some days I want the sun to wake me up. With the sound of kids laughing in the kitchen as my alarm clock. I want to be able to exercise outside under the shade of the trees, and work from my laptop laying in the grass. Be productive, but not because something is on a to-do LIST, because it's what my heart wants to do in that very moment. 

I've always been that way. I love structure. To do lists. Order. I also love spontaneity. Adventure. Freedom. 

I never thought I could find a job that allows me to have it BOTH ways. Lo and behold, it does it exist. 

I get to choose. 

And I choose BOTH. ✌🏼️

~~~~~~> PS, you get to choose too.

This is your life! Create it to be what you want! #yourenotavictim #wantsomethingdifferent #thenDOsomethingdifferent