"Mommy, You Look Like A Clown"

"Mommy you look like a clown". 

And that would be the truth. Thanks to my little munchkin here.

Yesterday I got to spend the morning in a mommy spa day at Phoebe's preschool. There she totally pampered me! 

Nails painted.πŸ’…

🏼Hair styled. πŸ’πŸΌ

Adorned with a crown.πŸ‘‘

Makeup done.πŸ’„

Hands massaged...

🏼And a little craft made together.

I think she did a pretty good job.

It's funny cuz as a kid I remember getting to an age where I embarrassed to give my mom homemade gifts. I thought she would rather have something from the store. But she always assured me the homemade Mother's Day gifts were what she cherished. 

I didn't believe her then. But I get it now. 

I will only get so many more handprint flowers and glitter mom crowns. Especially now that my youngest is starting kindergarten next year.😒

I say THIS kind of giggle fueled spa day trumps any professional makeover. Even if I do look like a clown.