Airplane Mode

::::: Airplane mode :::::

A little button on your phone that, when pressed, shuts down the phone. 

It's a button I use each day when I'm done working. Family time equals phone on airplane mode. That way I can be in the moment, fully present with my family, free from outside distractions. 

And now I get to experience a DIFFERENT kind of airplane mode..... Flying. 

Airplane mode is a form of mediation for me. When I fly I get an hour up in the air thinking about nothing else but PRESENT TIME. 

~ No family or business concerns. 

~ No living/analyzing in the past. 

~ No dreaming/strategizing about the future. 

Just me and that plane. Living purely in the moment, on airplane mode. 

I absolutely LOVE flying. And while I didn't solo today, {the wind has picked up quite a bit}, I did get to go up in the air and practice lots of take offs and landings today in the cross wind. 

I am so so glad I am doing this. Learning how to fly has been therapeutic for me, healing, liberating, challenging, and incredibly rewarding. 

Airplane mode is a good thing ya'all.