Spiritual Motivation to Workout

For me, working out isn't about bikinis and six pack abs. Probably why you don't see me posting bikini photos with six pack abs. Lol.

I would say my workout motivation has shifted over the years. There was a time when I knew I needed to lose weight and that was the goal. 

Now.... My motivation is spiritual. 

I've been able to identify a few things over the last few years... One being- I feel closer to God when I workout. I feel connected. I feel the spirit is able to more closely communicate with me when I've been eating clean and working out. 

I feel God gave me a body as a GIFT to house my spirit. So I figure I better take care of that gift.


Take care of YOU!!! Find whatever motivation you need and focus on how GOOD it feels to move closer to that goal. 

Happiness comes in the pursuit of goals, so you gotta keep moving forward no matter where you're at! 

With that said, I'm curious about my Facebook family here-- what's your motivation? Always fascinated to see what drives people. There's no right or wrong! Comment below and let me know what that motivation is for you!