3-Year Transformation

Thank you Timehop for reminding me of this photo on the left I posted 3 years ago. 

So much change compared to now! 

Sure.... We can all acknowledge my makeup routine is clearly not the same. Lol. 

To be honest, I've done a lot of facials, peels, lasers, and heavy duty face creams the last few years to lesson my melasma. Which meant I could stop using so much fake tanner as an avenue to hide the dark brown spots on my face.

No more heavy eye liner. And hello contouring and eyelash extensions.

Buuuuuut those things are all surface level. The big change *I* see when I look at these photos is internal. 

I was a year into Beachbody when the left photo was taken, I was on a great path but I still had SO MANY limiting beliefs to dismantle!

I look at the girl on the left and I can sense some lingering sadness, some insecurity, and a whole lotta hope & determination. 

I have learned SO MUCH about myself these last few years. I view myself in a completely different way. And not because of Beachbody/financial success. Because of significant spiritual experiences that have cleared major energy blocks. 

I feel confident. Not because of external changes, but because I am confident God loves me. I know with deep awareness that I have something pretty special to offer the world. And I know nobody else can take my place.

As someone who lived with depression for years and years and was suicidal for over a decade, it's a BIG DEAL for me to be able to say that. 

I'm grateful for this journey I've been on. And I'm excited for the future. I'm excited to see just how much my INNER LIGHT can grow. 

Transformation to be continued......