This Life is My Chance to FLY

I'm pretty proud of how this little book is filling in. 

On my third page of my first pilot logbook. 

Who would have thought.

Cuz I'm the girl who did the safe thing for years! I stayed inside the box. Viewing life as something to ENDURE. 

Now, I want to SOAK UP every opportunity possible;

... See how much I can stretch myself. 

.. See for myself what I'm REALLY capable of. 

I want to look back over my life and know I didn't hold myself back, I went ALL IN. 

Cuz I built up PLENTY of regrets my first 29 years of life. I merely existed for a long long time. 

I'm OVER selling myself short, holding back, and waiting for the perfect time to do anything. 

This life is my chance to FLY. 🚁