Home from a coach retreat! Not gonna lie -I woke up this morning feeling pretty sluggish. 

Too many treats. I had some soda which I don't normally drink. And lots of late nights. Totally worth it and I have no regrets. But I was definitely feeling it this morning! 

Funny how I use to think that sluggish feeling was normal, how everyone felt. As I cleaned up my diet I was able to see how much unhealthy foods influence my mood and energy! 

But even then, I've learned I STILL have the power to choose how I want to feel. 

This morning I got to remind myself if I stick to my to do list and FORCE myself to "go thru the motions" the energy would come. 

So morning miracle routine in motion! 

A PiYo workout and walk around the neighborhood, personal development audiobook, nutrient dense Shakeology for breakfast, meditation, prayer and scripture study and I'm feeling muuuuuuuch better. Yes it takes all of THAT to get me going in the morning. Lol. 

Cuz let's be honest. Sometimes you feel like it. And sometimes you just don't! 

You can give in to default settings and act on how you feel. OR you can CHOOSE how you want to feel and take the action steps to support and create that feeling. 

But we DO get to choose! You only get on life. So make each day count! 

Here's to a fresh new week!