You Deserve To Fill Amazing!

I feel I've been learning a BIG LESSON about life lately. And it boils down to this..... Whatever core belief you have about yourself fuels either self sabotaging behaviors, or behaviors that bring success and happiness! 

If you know in your heart you're a good person and a child of God and you KNOW God loves you- you are consistent in successful behaviors because it brings the results you feel you're worthy of! 

But if there's doubt, fear of "well maybe I kind of am a bad person who occasionally does good things". Then you will implement successful behaviors for awhile, but then stop and self sabotage. 

And least, this perfectly describes ME. And I can see it in my kids and family as well. 

My own limiting self beliefs fueled my behavior for YEARS. In my core, as a kid, I thought I was a bad person. So guess what I did? As a kid I lied a lot about dumb dumb stuff. And I would get really down on myself for lying and really beat myself up about it cuz I thought that would motivate me to change. But it just reinforced my belief that I'm a bad person and there's something wrong with me. But I felt I deserved to feel badly so I created scenarios to feel that way! 

Deep, I know. Lol. But this weekend one of my kids was caught lying. And when I asked what consequence this child felt was deserved - a HARSH consequence was self imposed. And it dawned on me- this child is like me! There's a deep ingrained belief that they are BAD, and for some reason this child thinks a harsh consequence is what is deserved. So I get to break the cycle. I'm not letting this harsh consequence go thru cuz I know from experience that doesn't work. wink emoticon Instead I'm forcing this child to write out this phrase over and over again as "punishment" so a new core belief can be introduced and ingrained .....

"I am a good person. I am a child of God who loves me. So I deserve to make choices that bring happy feelings cuz I deserve to be happy! I deserve to be honest because I deserve to be close to God."

Here's the thing..... I have worked thru forgiving myself. I know Christ has atoned for my sins. I no longer fear I am a bad person who occasionally does good things. I know I am a good person. 

And because my core belief has changed.... I am an honest person. wink emoticon I don't lie about dumb stuff anymore. Lol. AND, I also enjoy being healthy. It's all related and connected!!! 

I workout. I eat clean. I do the little successful behaviors on a consistent basis cuz I know God wants to bless me and I deserve those blessings and I get to create them thru hard work instead of self sabotaging. wink emoticon 

Ahhhhh the lessons I am learning. 

Lesson for you???? You deserve to feel good too!!!! You too are a child of God! If you're self sabotaging with relationships by lying or in your health and fitness by eating JUNK and skipping workouts I would say it's not a lack of self discipline!!! 

I suggest there's a core belief within that you don't think you deserve happiness & success. But that is a LIE. Hold strong to the truth friends!!! 

Workout! Eat clean! And remember you ARE a child of God and you deserve to feel AMAZING!!!!!