Wanna know something that took me YEARS and years to figure out??? 

Success is not measured by inches or pounds or college degrees or by my family background. Success is reflective of thought processes! How big we think determined the size of our accomplishments. 👊🏼

AKA- Gotta enlarge your thinking friends. 😉 

One thing that helps ME enlarge my thinking? Smiling. Ha! Beat you weren't expecting that little piece of advice. 🏼️ But really...... Smiling influences your train of thinking and helps you be positive! 

Put it to the test. Try to feel defeated and smile BIG at the same time. You can't! 

A big smile beats fear, rolls away fear and basically guarantees your mind is going to be on track to bring about the success you want in life! 

Oh and PS- go work out. It's Monday!!!! You can't miss a Monday workout, it's in a rule book somewhere. 😉 Plus it's another great way to boost your mindset and mood. 

So there's my random advice for a Monday morning!!! It's gonna be a great day!!! {SEE!!! Look how positive my mindset is after working out and smiling. hehe.