I know the feeling of DREAD in the morning all too well. I lived with that for years! It's definitely hard to turn around the day when you wake up feeling in a funk. I feel the morning time sets the tone for the whole day! 

Want to hear something I learned from the Morning Miracle? 

🔸🔸The last thing going through your mind at night is the first thing that will enter your mind in the morning. 🔸🔸

This means if you are thinking about unicorns when you go to bed you'll wake up thinking about unicorns.wink emoticon And if you go to bed thinking about all the things you did wrong and why the day was horrible then you're going to wake up in a funk! And that's exactly what I use to do thinking if I beat myself up every night I'd wake up motivated to be better. LAME on all accounts since that behavior just reinforced more of the same. 

NOW--->When I'm laying in bed each night I like to think about what went WELL that day, what I'm proud of myself for, and what I can be grateful for. It helps me to wake up with gratitude, and a feeling of "I can do this because God is with me and guiding me." A CAN DO attitude. 

Try it out! Put it to the test! Even starting NOW with those thoughts will start your day off on the right foot. 🙌🏼

PS- If you haven't read the Morning Miracle yet it's time!!! It's more than what the title suggests- it's a must read 😉