You Just Keep Moving Forward

As I was putting my daughter to sleep last night she started crying as she shared the events of her day at school. 

I guess she was taking a writing test and everyone in the class was done with the test except for my daughter and one other person. The teacher told the class everyone could leave early for recess except for Andi and this other girl. I know the teacher meant well, but Andi felt singled out and was embarrassed. I guess she started crying in class and put her head down, which only caused some kids to laugh at her. Making her even more embarrassed. She felt bad she was going slow and it was taking her longer than the other kids, and that it was made a public thing. 

I shared with her how I can relate. 

I feel like preparing for my initial flight check ride is taking me longer than it "should". I told Andi how during my last flight lesson I was doing horrible. I was messing up the order of operations and doing things wrong. 

Because I didn't do so well in that flight last Friday, my scheduled check ride was pushed back. It's officially taking me longer than it "should". Embarrassing. 🙈 

With the failure of my last flight the echo of old limiting beliefs saw an opportunity to step in. "Who are you kidding? You're NEVER going to get this stuff down. You'll never be ready to fly solo. You're not the flying type, this just isn't for you, stop wasting your time and give up already." That negative voice entered my mind and I quickly gave it the boot! 

I know my old behavior of beating myself up was always well intended- part of me figured if I was REALLY HARD on myself I would be motivated to improve. But I've learned it doesn't actually motivate me to be better, it just shuts me down. Thus I've gotten so much better at not tearing myself down, but even MORE SO since taking on flying. 

Because if I do something wrong while flying I HAVE to move on quickly and with a clear mind figure out a solution and fix it! I can't even give myself a MINUTE to dwell in self pity and entertain self depreciating thoughts. Otherwise I'll CONTINUE making mistakes and it could be fatal! I gotta fly that darn plane. I gotta stay in a positive mindset at all times. 

I was proud of myself for staying in the right mindset during my last flight and getting the plane on the ground safely. And I'm proud of myself for still channeling the MOTIVATION (without self depreciation) to adjust as needed and study extra hard, do lots of pretend chair flights, and read and review my textbooks and flight manuals. 

I shared this all with Andi last night. And told her that Linfords don't give up. We don't have to beat ourselves up to initiate improvement. We are all just learning as we go. And even if it takes a little longer to do the test (or complete a flying lesson), we always do our BEST and stick with it. 

And now.... I'm excited for my daughter to come home from school so I can share with her that I JUST had another flight lesson and this time------> I nailed it. I didn't need any correction from my instructor today! I got all my check lists done correctly, I improved a lot from my last flight, I felt it, and my instructor noticed too. 

It's crazy how much I'm learning about ME in these flight lessons. Lessons like...... I'm not in a race against anyone else here. It's me against me! The things I want won't always come easily, I have to work for it and put in the effort! But I can work hard and improve without beating myself up. 

Funny how those lessons REALLY sink in while thousands of feet in the air. 😏

Make no mistake about it......

• I will master this.  
• I can do hard things.  
• And I will set that example for my kids that you NEVER give up, no matter how long it takes you, you KEEP MOVING FORWARD.