Super Saturday

At my first Beachbody Super Saturday event in Phoenix there were 300 people. That felt like a LOT coming from the crowd of 100 in Idaho Falls that I was use to. 

But we have only grown. 

I'll be the first to admit with the huge amount of growth we have had in Phoenix there has been a big learning curve on how to plan and prep and run big events. 

But we're getting it. The Phoenix market council just had our BEST event to date! 900 people strong! It was not only our LARGEST event, but everything went so smoothly! 

We had two top coaches fly out just for our event. Alyssa Schomaker and Caleb Thomas NAILED it and gave so many takeaways and delivered so much inspiration. 

We had celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese here as well. The whole thing went so great, I'm so happy with how it all turned out! 

Loved seeing so many of my coaches and meeting the local coaches on other teams. 

Phoenix is growing!! 

Beachbody blue is taking over!