I am just so so grateful. 

I wish I could adequately explain the journey I've been on the last year. But safe to say the last year has been one of the most EMOTIONAL years of my LIFE. And if you know my story that's saying a lot.  wink emoticon

I'm aware some people think I over share, and I'm aware some people really dislike how open I am about my experiences. But make no mistake about it- I ONLY share the things I get a STRONG impression from God to share. So if you've had issues with anything I've shared you'll have to take that up with God.  😉 🙌🏼 

This last year has been different though. Instead of feeling the prompting to share what I was working thru, I felt God wanted me to work thru things on my own. So I apologize for the vagueness of this, but I felt many of the experiences of the past year were just for me. I've been working behind the scenes and going to therapy every other week for the last year to finally HEAL the issues that have held me back for YEARS. 

But I am OVERFLOWING with gratitude and THAT feeling I just HAVE to share today because I can't stop thinking about how grateful I am!! 

I'm so grateful for my faith. I'm so grateful for my husband cuz he has stood by my side thru it all. I'm so grateful for the testimony I have of God. I'm so grateful for Christ's atonement. And I'm so thankful for atonement based therapy/processing. {Look up "The Bright Red Bow" by Pam Robinson if you want some insight into the processing I've been doing the last year. I've done a LOT of therapy/counseling in my life and NOTHING has been so HEALING as this atonement based processing.}

I'm thankful for it all because it's made a HUGE difference!!!! Things are GOOD!!!! I can't remember EVER feeling a steady constant PEACE like this. I keep catching myself driving around with a stupid grin on my face. Sitting at the computer overwhelmed with EXCITEMENT.

Yeah...... Life.Is.Good. 

And you know what?? I can confidently say all the hard times and trials and struggles were NOT really hard times or trials or struggles. You know my story right?? Go read my cover photo description if you need a reminder. Read that and know it's ALL been a series of happy events. A series of experiences that were crafted to elevate me and bring me closer to God. 

I am so so so grateful. I am also so grateful for Beachbody. I KNOW without a shadow of doubt that none of this healing and growth would have happened if I hadn't signed up as a coach. Beachbody is an accelerated growth plan! If you want to have all your limiting beliefs brought to the surface, be a coach. Lol. Having everything brought to the surface has been SO GOOD so I can RELEASE all the limiting beliefs and see things for what they really are! Without Beachbody, the motivation to figure out my ISH wouldn't have been there. I know Beachbody was the avenue and path I personally needed to be on to finally figure things out for me. 

I just wanted to publicly share my overwhelming gratitude, my love, and my pure AWE at how things have progressed. 

I also just wanted to say that whatever experiences you are having right now PLEASE take my word for it----- it's nothing but GOOD!!!! All things are for your benefit. BE EXCITED friends!!! It really IS ALLLLLLL for your benefit.