I've been a little quiet over here. I didn't have phone service over the weekend and I guess I got comfortable without Internet. Ha! Funny how that goes.

Just doing my thing though....

• Working out each morning.💪 #‎HammerAndChisel
• Hanging out with my family.
• Talking to my friends in the name of "work".
• And conquering fears and testing new limits as I continue learning how to fly planes.

Feeling grateful for......

〰 An AMAZING weekend in Park City with my team. Hands down, best team retreat to date.

〰 My husband. No need to elaborate, I'm just grateful to be married to such a good man.

〰 The fact I'm safely on the ground. Ha! Today's flight lesson was touch and go's. Landing and taking off back to back. Four times around. There was so much traffic today and it was my first time doing these! Kind of an adrenaline rush! 😎

It's crazy for me to think back to a few years ago. No doubt taking that leap into coaching has given me a whole new level of confidence. I still can't believe I'm learning how to fly! I never would have thought I could do this without testing my limits in building a business and doing coaching first.

Yay for doing hard things and testing new limits!!

Cuz seeing what I'm REALLY capable of is LIBERATING. 😎