So proud of my husband!

He's always been supportive of ME doing Beachbody, but people do things when they are ready! Just because I was ready on a certain date didn't mean that's right when Jayson was ready.

It took three months of me drinking Shakeology before he agreed to drink it too.

It took six months of me doing Beachbody fitness programs before he decided to start a program himself.

Personal development? I can't remember exactly when he started doing that, but it took awhile.

And now..... My BEST book recommendations come from Jayson.


And today he just lead an AWESOME training webinar for our team. Sharing some insights he has had from recent personal development reading.

If you've never heard my husband speak before you are missing out! He is an amazing speaker and motivator. Loved his message today. Something every coach deserves to hear.

So proud of this guy and the journey he has been on.

Together we are better that's for sure!