I don't smoke cigarettes.

I made that decision when I was a kid, and that was that. I was committed.

Because I was committed to that decision, it just wasn't an option that I MIGHT smoke cigarettes at some point in my life.

And so NOW, I never have to use willpower at the gas station to say NO in buying cigarettes.

I listened to this podcast during my workout this morning about discipline. LOVED it. For anyone interested I'll post the podcast link below. But she talked about this principle - willpower is a muscle that can become weak! So make the choice on important things ONCE. Then you're not making that choice every time it presents itself.

For me, I do SOMETHING to move my body each day. That's my personal commitment.

It may be ten jumping jacks and ten push ups by the side of my bed- but i do SOMETHING every single morning. More often than not- it's a full Beachbody workout. But there are days I do MY best- and that looks like simply moving my body and staying in the habit of exercising. Because I know when I exercise each day it's like a domino that tips over all the positive commitments I want to make day to day.

What does that look like for you? What "key domino commitment" can you make that if honored will create a positive domino effect in other areas of your life?

Make the decision ONCE to honor that super important commitment. And you'll see some big positive changes in your life, I promise.