"The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly."

I love that quote. I've been thru a lot of hard times. I've experienced failure and heart ache and abuse and depression and etc etc etc.

I shut down for a long time. Too afraid to be hurt again, afraid to be in pain, to suffer, afraid to be sad, afraid to just FEEL.

When Phoebe was born I couldn't deny it any longer.... I was merely existing.

Time to LIVE.

Time to do the scary things.

Take the leap of faith.

Set BIG audacious goals.

Push my limits.

Try all the things I previously labeled impossible and just SEE what I can do.

And yes, be willing to fall.

Because it comes with the potential of FLYING.

Four years down this new path and I can sincerely say....... that commitment to focus on continual PROGRESS was the best commitment I ever made.