I know I don't HAVE to wake up at five am to workout and start my day.

But my kids don't want my attention at five AM.

Annnnnnnd....... I don't want to HOLD BACK on anything because of an "I don't have enough time" excuse.

One example being flight lessons.

Learning how to fly is something I have wanted to do for awhile! But I told myself "I don't have enough time". And yet I would sleep in day after day.

Then I asked myself...... "What if I could wake up EARLY, do my workout, get ready, and take a flight lesson, all before my kids are wanting my attention?"

I saw a way it COULD work out.

It reminds me of the excuse I had years ago about not having enough time to workout. OR when I gave myself the excuse that I didn't have enough time to build a business.

Excuses, excuses, excuses!!!! I had LOTS of excuses. And with excuses came a crummy feeling and lack of results.

I had to decide there was no room for excuses. And that's the decision I have to CONTINUE to make.


So while I set my own schedule, no one is pressuring me to use an alarm clock, I have decided, for ME, I'd like to use that alarm clock and get UP and moving each day!

Then I can get my workout done in peace.

And then I can go flying.

And then I can spend my day loving on my family and Beachbody family. Everybody's situation is different, but for me- this is the scenario where everyone wins.