I just have to give a BIG FAT SHOUT OUT to my team.

Month after month, we are helping MORE and more people. Never falling into complacency, settling for "good enough". Nope - this team is something special!

Look at our momentum!

Seems crazy right? Well we keep it simple.

We run online fitness support groups.

And we run coach training groups, training others with proven systems so they can run online fitness groups as well.

For every NEW person we help get started it creates what we call "success club points".

As a team we had 2,659 Success Club points in December. In January we had 3,361 Success Club points. I was STOKED that we were helping more people than EVER! Cuz that's a LOT of people getting started on their health and fitness journey!

But we blew past that in February. As a team we created 4,323 Success Club points. Can you believe it???


I am so so impressed with these coaches.

Team Forward Fitness coaches are changing lives! Changing the world one person at a time, one fitness challenge group at a time.

Momentum is on our side baby.



Can't wait to see what this team is accomplishing in another year from now!

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