Our Full-Time Family

You see that little boy? 

He's my son. 💗 And this weekend he is turning ten. Double digits people. Big deal!!!

We had a car full of boys and we are headed to the lake! 💦 Boat party with just Mack and his friends. No sisters. 


Pretty cool huh!


But that's not all!...

I'm a proud soccer mom too. 💁

• I drive a mini van. 
• The trunk of my van has sport balls and folding chairs. 
• And every weekend I drive my van to the park to watch my son play baseball. 

And now..... weekends are also for watching Andi play soccer. 

And I admit, I'm kind of excited too. I like this stage of #momlife. There's no place I'd rather be.  

So grateful to be a full-time family and my kids have both parents at all their events cheering them on! :)