A "Sporty Day" flying

Little bit of a windy day here in Arizona. A day my flight instructor described would be a "sporty day" up in the air. 

It was bumpy for sure! And ya know, I use to be NERVOUS flying in big airplanes, and now it doesn't even phase me hitting big bumps in that little plane.

Today I had lots of opportunity to practice crabbing. That's when I turn into the wind so I am basically flying sideways in a straight line. If that makes sense. It's what you have to do to fly straight when it's really windy. 

Five take off and full stop landings back to taxi up and down the runway! One rough landing, but I'm getting it. It feels good! 

Annnnnnnd....... I'm getting close to my first solo flight!!! Ekkkkk!!! So so crazy!!!!!! But I love it!!